WTF023x - The Beast Must DIE!
DIY DVD (4.32GB)

Ingredients (standard and advanced):

1x DVD .iso file (download here)
1x Artwork File (download here)

Equipment (standard):

1x DVD Writer
1x Printer
2x DVDR (just in case)
1x safety scissors
1x DVD label sheet
4x A4 paper (decent quality)
2 tbsp adrenochrome (optional, but tasty)
1x empty CD jewel case
1x DVD player
1x TV

3 litres of cooking lager/budget vodka (or equivalent medication of choice)

Preparation Time (standard): 20 minutes (give or take)

1. Download the artwork/bonus retrospective file here.
2. Download the .iso file here.
3. Print off DVD label.
4. Print off artwork. ( Tip: It's best to do this at an early stage, as lining the sheets up for double-sided printing will be a nightmare if you've necked the booze.)
5. Use the safety scissors to cut out the artwork. ( Tip: Use the side of the jewel case to score lines for clean folds.)
6. Place first DVDR on baking tray.
7. See what burny application pops up automatically.
8. Attempt to burn .iso file.
9. When the DVDR fails to burn, remove from baking tray.
10. Angrily break useless DVDR into tiny bits. ( Tip: this is a good time to consume the booze/medication of choice.)
11. Try again. It'll work this time.
12. When the screaming finishes, remove the DVDR and turn off the PC/Mac.
13. Apply DVD label.
14. Turn on TV.
15. Insert WTF023X into DVD player. ( Tip: Remove any blockages from DVD player before inserting WTF023X.)
16. Turn off lights.
17. Turn up volume.
18. Hunt for hidden stuff.
19. Gasp at sheer quantity of hidden stuff.
20. Consume booze/medication of choice.
21. Consume booze/medication of choice. ( Tip: This is when to add adrenochrome.)
22. Press play.
23: Dance like you mean it/a gorilla.

Equipment (advanced):

1x Ask-No-Questions Eastern European DVD Pressing Plant
1x DVD player
2 tbsp adrenochrome (optional, but tasty)
1x TV
3 litres of cooking lager/budget vodka (or equivalent medication of choice)

Preparation Time (advanced): 20 weeks (give or take)


1. Select URL.
2. Copy and paste URL link into email to Ask-No-Questions Eastern European DVD Pressing Plant, along with quantity required, shipping address and your credit card details.
3. Turn off lights.
4. Consume adrenochrome and booze/medication of choice.
5. Wait.
6. Pray.
7. Goodbye.



It's not always easy to listen. Thank you for letting us damage your ears and time with the noises we needed to make. It meant and means so much more than you'll ever know.

We're gone now, but there are a lot of people who have something they desperately need to say. If you can do anything, however small, that'll ensure that there's someone to listen to them when they do, then...