WTF012 - Beyond Nepotism.
(Download 122MB)

01 - Girls.

You can hear the swagger. Whether it was justified or not, who can tell?

02 - Needleteeth.

Looking back now I wonder if we weren't running the set together as a Pixies tribute, but to cut down on heckling the audience.

03 - Drinking hell dry.

We were bouncing from track to track without gaps on a regular basis, some transitions were smoother than others and this is one of those.

04 - At the arse-end of the rainbow.

It's ‘interesting' to note the differences in sound between this audience recording and the weird, unmixed soundboard snippet that was used to illustrate our radio interview. Same performance, but you'd never think so.

05 - Mamihlapinatapai.

Rated's favourite.

06 - Song for Paterson Joseph.

There was something I had to remember – but what?

07 - Too much.

Sometimes ‘Too much' would genuinely sound like a ballad. This wasn't one of those evenings.

08 - Think!

“Crowd goes wild.”

09 - The Salt Flats.

Pretty much how you'd expect a performance recorded to make up the majority of what the single's video might sound.

10 - Utilising blasphemy as a seduction technique.

Possibly never this fast again.

11 - Propaganda.

We were supposed to be playing ‘Reward' but didn't.

12 - (pages missing)

Meanwhile, behind the scenes…

13 - Hamsters of Rock.

Same performance, but you'd never think so.

14 - (pages missing)

Later, behind the scenes…

15 - The Reverend confesses.

He also hovers.