WTF010 - barfparty.
(Download 17MB)

01 - Utilising blasphemy as a seduction technique.

Early live outing and the end of the set.

02 - Eating people is wrong.

I wonder what happened to the rest of the gig, seeing as all that's surfaced is the encore. Oh well.

This was recorded at the launch party for PET001CD. We'd made a bit of an effort and dressed up and planned things and so on. The gig itself (for us) started with the Reverend marrying us to the audience – all legal too, which has created some problems since, not least for the lady who'd actually got the wrong night.

03 - Drinking hell dry.

I don't remember playing this one live as much as the number of recordings that we have of it suggest we did. And while you're unravelling that sentence…

04 - Propaganda.

This track got officially subtitled “The best chorus in South Wales” – in print – as a result of this performance. I like the way the recorded version makes a sneaky reappearance.

05 - Teflon Monkey interview.

An exclusive tell-all. Almost unparalleled in length and depth, this interview really cuts through all the obfuscation that was being deliberately (or otherwise) woven about at the time. It's an interesting listen – with a twist ending – so pop on something hot and herbal and settle down for intriguing insights into the behind-the-scenes madness of Nameless (MK 2).

You may need a tissue or three.


PET001CD – Read More Books

01 – Girls who smoke are sexy.

Heard of ‘sonic architecture'? This is a t-shirt.

02 – Eating people is wrong.

We'd changed gear and line-up about a month before this was recorded. Probably the last time it was played with a fade-out in the middle. Probably…

03 – Drinking hell dry.

For a song that seemed to become forgotten rather quickly ‘Drinking hell dry' was a lot of fun to record. Mostly it was the fjordy crinkles.

04 – Propaganda.

I think PET001CD still stands up pretty well. Every now and then we'd hit a run of luck when everyone was enthusiastic and pointing in the same direction. When that happened everything seemed to fly.