WTF009 - Eye Bits.
(Download 112MB)

01 - History is wrong.

After a hell of a lot of noodling something finally really clicked.

02 - Samal, vocal demo.

That's the actual keyboard pattern we used when we played this live.

03 - Every success.

It's a long way from hell to the cramp-inducing side of the autograph table.

04 - Sosa, demo.

Not originally about what it was later about and seeing as the song's lyrics are comprised of no more than seven individual words, that's almost an achievement.

05 - Serotonin.

The Reverend made this one work. It's still pretty accurate.

06 - History Today, demo.

I started with the remix and worked backwards until I found the song. Turned out there were two in there after all. Hard to tell with all the mess.

07 - Keeping you, Hand of Glory mixdown.

More remixes should end like this.

08 - (Hellhound on my trail)

Originally by famous goth Robert Johnson .

09 - (Overload).

Originally by famous goths Sugababes .

At least a month before it was released, this was getting a serious rotation on MTV to the point where it seemed to be on more than the adverts. I accepted the challenge and had the Nameless version on (someone else's) compilation before the original was released.

10 - (pages missing)


11 Joy, Nameless remix.

I didn't care if Mclusky wanted a remix or not, they were getting one. Turned out they didn't.

12 Samal, live demo.

Yes, it is.

13 RAM, live demo.

Yes, this too.

14 Chris, Chris of the Seventies, live demo.

Ah, Sklav.

15 (pages missing)