WTF007 - Maida Vale.
(Download 22MB)

01 - Pop Song.

So yeah, things went mad.

We hit 1999 too fast and totally lost control. The French got thrown off first, wheeling away until he hit Newtown again. The three of us that remained clung on tight, still kidding on that we were steering even as we picked up a new guitarist in Rated in much the same way that a long distance lorry driver collects foxes.

Mohobishopi unexpectedly ran into a red light and stood idling as we thundered past and into London .

02 - Reach around.

Ostensibly, this was an unbroadcastable radio session from a band that had no idea what, who or where they were.

The orchestra weren't there and Radiophonic ghosts drifted through the absence.

03 - Identity.

The air's heavy with history in Maida Vale's Studio 4. The faces of the echoes stare from the walls. Forget the HMV escalator adverts – this is a hidden, cabalistic world. It's real. And, like Judge Dredd, it knows all of your darkest notions.

This is the only studio recording of ‘Identity' and therefore doesn't exist.

A UFO followed us back up the motorway.