WTF005 - Sam's.
(Download 36MB)

01 - Milky 4.2.

Same version, different band.

02 - I (who have nothing).

Originally by famous goth Shirley Bassey . It says here.

03 – Song for Paterson Joseph.

Yeah, the Agent, I know, I know.

04 - Identity.

I told you this song was cursed.

05 - Needleteeth.

Unlike ‘Identity', this song liked us and liked being played by us. I had a falling out with it once, but we'll get to that later. PET003CD to be exact.

06 - Feel it.

Originally by famous goths The Tamperer . Featuring Maya .

Over the years we only lost total contact with two cover versions. No record exists of them anywhere – possibly not even on surviving set-lists at the bottom of forgotten boxes in the attic. In a predictable twist, when an unexpected DAT recording of a showcase gig turned up recently hopes were raised – both covers were played at this particular gig, y'see. It also got a write up by Noel Gardner and a mention on Radio Wales, so, bit of a wannabe-singularity made up of tenuous coincidences and wishful thinking.

The songs in question were both well-renowned goth classics: ‘No Limits', originally by famous goths 2 Unlimited and ‘Sheer Heart Attack', originally by goth-industrialists, the Queen .

I got a bit of a shock when Satan (played by Derren Brown) used the original as a trigger for activating a suitably programmed subject's desire to rob while armed.