WTF004 - Eating People Is Wrong.
(2CD Download 124MB)

01 - Hope.

We were listening to a lot of Bauhaus . True stories.

Way and Phil and Will are all together in the photo on the inlay to WTF002 , so it was only natural that Way – also late of Junkhead – would join.

Sklav saw us live – probably in Bogiez – and also asked to join. Phil had filled in for gigs here and there but we were stretching him too thin and with too little commitment to having him on full time.

Sklav helped change the dynamic and the sound. And we didn't kill each other on the long journeys to rehearsals in Cwmonster.

02 - Identity, justified paranoia.

These vocals are sampled but there isn't a copy of ‘Identity' with vocals anywhere.

03 - Good consumer.

We were in Big Noise for two days. The first day was spent getting everything synched up and all the backing tracks done and rough mixed, with as much bass and guitar and guide vocal as possible. I think Derrero were downstairs or in Amsterdam or something. Hard to say.

Greg had a new tattoo and it was itching. He wasn't impressed with Newtown , remembered working with Junkhead and seemed genuinely less than upset that we didn't sound like the Manics . We had a good day.

That evening we drank all six episodes of wine and watched too much The Day Today .

Next morning started earlier than was sensible as we were doing a photoshoot before recording. It was damn strange. Princess Diana had died during the night – a burst of headline fodder that was gradually being accompanied by insanse scenes of people trying to bury Buckingham Palace under teddy bears – like I say, too much The Day Today . The photoshoot was a washout. I was wearing a drenched woolen suit and draped over a road sign turned into a piece of the Magic Roundabout. It was black and pissing it down.

Then we did the finished vocals and mixed the bastard.

04 - Song for Paterson Joseph.

With Sklav and Sellers. Paterson Joseph's agent? Yeah, I haven't forgotten.

05 - River.

The Manics had been in Big Noise before us, rehearsing for Reading , and left their stuff in the studio. As a result Will was playing a Manics guitar during the session and when Greg was listening to the final breakdown he was getting visibly annoyed. I think I'm the one who had to press record when Greg grabbed the drumkit and, in an energetic sense of ‘like this you idiot', added a solo.

So those live drums are being played by Greg Haver on Mr Moore's kit. Which is cool however you slice it.

06 - Crazy face.

Recorded live throughout Ektar Resolution. Sklav was in one room – Way another – the French another – me under the stairs.

07 - Needleteeth.

I like the feedback in the backing vocals more than I like what I'm doing.

This recording of ‘Needleteeth' took on a bit of a life of its own for a while. It graced demo tapes, possibly got played on the radio and definitely ended up on a compilation put out by Holier Than Thou records. For the full tale you'll need to read the Virtual Cardiff interview reprinted in WTF005 .

08 - Milky 3.1.

You know the tale of the guardians to the doorway of somewhere important? The one where one guardian can only speak the truth and the other can only lie – that one. Yeah. That.

09 - Silver skin, glossolalia.

The album was on the juke box in the pub. When we were being interviewed by some students from Manchester for their piece on hope over experience, some wag popped this on to play. Without hilarious consequences. TBC

10 - Keeping you.

This was supposed to be a single. I wanted a single. A seven inch vinyl single. A clear vinyl seven inch vinyl single. Was that too much to ask?



“No problem.”

We'd all of us – apart from Will who'd left to work for Shakespeare doing damage limitation work – had a lot of fun playing in the studio and we wanted to do it again – especially now we had Sklav.

Although we wanted to record a single we hadn't thought any further ahead than getting the recordings down. I suppose we needed a new demo tape as well.

Warwick had not long opened, were cheap and kept themselves to themselves. Unfortunately something didn't click and we didn't end up with anything that sounded like what we were hearing from live recordings. They were trying but we weren't on the same page.

It reached the point that when Sklav and I headed to London to do a personalised demo drop at the ten most-likely record labels I changed the tape we were using. Rather than have this lacklustre version of ‘Keeping you' I'd added a fluke recording of a soundcheck in Sam's that we'd found as an unexpected prologue to a recording of the gig itself. It sounded like a session version and had a lot more energy (and orchestral hits) than the official non-single recording.

Anyway, we got got stems.

11 - Perfect couple.

We're playing around a bit here – there's no sequence on this at all. I like the way the vocals almost merge with the keyboards and Sklav kicks his kit to hell at the end. Good energy.