WTF002 - The Black Boy.
(Download 70MB)

01 - Glorious.

Always felt like both a single and a sell-out. For some reason every mix of the demo would come out bassier than the last. Already sounding more confident live as well.

02 - Milky 4.

This version hung around for a while.

03 - Strawdog.

Clinging on by its fingernails you'll note.

04 - Promotional tool.

The Black Boy was an odd venue. Old pub painted white. The sign showed a soot-flecked young chimneysweep with twinkly eyes and a quick smile. The previous sign had been a lot less progressive a lot more recently than you'd like but that sort of thing was now totally gone from liberal ol' Newtown . That's what I was told anyway. Lembit Opik bought me a pint and we discussed elves. Happy day.

‘Promotional tool' was one of our event songs. They felt big to play – even if that didn't always translate – and would act as scaffolding to stretch the rest of the set over. The bile in the poem at the end was always a good indicator for how the gig was going.

05 - Sculpture.

The French had insisted on the ‘Next Week This ' music that ends the track. I never got it – unless he was thinking orchestra, or cello or violin or something, in which case I get it.

There's a really good version of this on WTF003 .

06 - Silver skin.

Another event song, this one written about what happened when the year died. And you had to be there.

07 - Needleteeth.

Recorded at the first gig played under the new not-name Nameless . Phil on the drums there – the French wearing a sheep mask as I recall. Don't know what happened to the rest of the recording.